How To Earn Money As A Digital Marketer

How To Earn Money As A Digital Marketer Through Freelancing

Digital marketers are responsible for helping us find almost all the important things that surround us. This thought makes many people think about how to start a successful freelance digital marketing business and earn money.

If you are considering starting a digital marketing freelance business from scratch with the highest degree of freedom and flexibility, look at becoming a freelance digital marketer. In this article, we answer several questions regarding freelance digital marketing and share useful tips for building a profitable freelance digital marketing career.

Can you be a freelance digital marketer?

If you enjoy creating things, getting new skills, accomplishing productive and valuable tasks, or working on many projects at once, you may succeed in becoming a freelance digital marketer.

Freelance digital marketing is a popular field where professionals offer freelancing services to companies for their digital marketing-related needs, particularly to promote and make their products and services profitable.

As a marketing freelancer, you can be your boss, work from home, and set your working hours. If you ever decide to switch to another profession, your skills can be useful for running your online business.

Before using virtual marketing channels and learning digital marketing techniques, make sure you have certain business skills. For example:

– Financial management;

– Teamwork;

– Creative thinking and problem-solving skills;

– Networking;

– Data analysis;

– Communication and social skills;

– Multitasking;

– Adaptability.

As for the advantages, you can choose your niche and clients based on your personal preferences, and you can have a flexible work schedule and work from anywhere in the world. All business profits belong to you, which means your maximizing earning potential as a freelance digital marketer is fully in your hands.

How do freelance digital marketers make money?

Here are some examples of building a sustainable income through digital marketing freelancing:

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To become an SEO professional, you must first comprehend the underlying concepts underlying how search engines operate.

Then, start developing your SEO abilities. Learn about the common SEO tools gradually to help you organize your work. It’s advised to select a high-quality SEO course because it will take less time and be more efficient than just scanning the web.

– Content Marketing

Planning and generating content for internet platforms is known as content writing. It often involves authoring various content forms, such as articles, blog entries, social media postings, and scripts for videos. A blog of your own is also a wise move. This will allow you to improve your abilities and help you stand out to clients.

– Social Media Marketing

One excellent option to leverage your abilities to earn money through digital marketing is to work as a social media manager. Writing and scheduling articles, making graphics, running advertisements, and responding to followers’ comments are just a few of your duties. You’ll work as a social media manager through several marketing strategies to increase a brand’s online presence.

– Marketing Research and Analytics

By discovering and presenting data-backed insights about future markets, rivals, and even consumer behavior, market research analysts assist companies in gaining or maintaining a competitive edge. To find the answers, market research experts sift over data, including mentions on social media, survey results, and trending keywords. Essentially, they convert data into useful insights that support businesses in creating everything from competitive product launches to successful marketing campaigns.

– Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The marketer must do keyword research on their website or product, choose a geographic area for the ad, build a text-based ad to show in the search results, and perform other tasks while setting up a campaign inside an SEM network.

– Video Marketing

You can make a YouTube channel, upload videos, and market it. To earn money from advertising, sign up for the YouTube Partner Program. You will get money when someone clicks an advertisement on your video. To start making money, you must have a connected AdSense account and adhere to several requirements.

– Running Ad Campaigns

Running ads on your website, which gets a lot of traffic, can generate good income. You can use affiliate marketing or offer your digital products for the advertising programs you can use to monetize your traffic. Check Google Adsense, Taboola, MGID, Ezoic,, Purple Ads, and Propeller Ads.

– Website Development

If you have just started considering how to earn money as a digital marketer through freelancing, try using well-known websites like Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork. With time, you can find direct clients from Facebook groups, Twitter, Linked In, etc.

– Managing Social Media Accounts and Communities

The administration of social media communities calls for social media marketing solutions that make it simple to examine, arrange, and prioritize all incoming messages and discussions about your business. To draw potential consumers and generate conversions, a brand’s owned social space uses a strategy to expand and engage any given audience.

Is freelance digital marketing profitable?

There are many different methods you may charge your customers. Whatever route you take, the good news is that digital marketing companies offer a lot of potential for financial success.

Compared to traditional marketing companies, digital marketing agencies are far more advanced. In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for digital marketing companies.

Since the development of social media in recent years, the discipline of digital marketing has been rapidly growing. Going digital is now at the forefront of marketing for many brands and businesses because everyone’s lives are strongly intertwined with the internet, including working, entertaining, and consuming.

How much can you make money as a digital marketing freelancer?

Digital marketing may be profitable in several ways. Earnings in freelancing depend on the sector and years of expertise, just as in many other professions. Your area of expertise and market niche will have the biggest impact on your yearly income. The industries with the highest salary and contractor fees often include email marketing, growth marketing, paid advertising positions, online publishing, and broadcasting.

How much could you make? There are countless options. Since this is a self-employed position, the earnings of digital marketers vary greatly. Your ability to hustle for clients and market your services will determine how valuable your services are and the clients you deal with.

According to, in 2023, “The average digital marketing salary in the USA is $66,583 per year or $32.01 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $48,750 per year while most experienced workers make up to $107,126 per year.”

Nevertheless, freelancers often earn more money than full-time employees because they set their prices and are not required to share their earnings with an employer or group of coworkers.

How much can a beginner digital marketer earn?

As you earn more experience, you may charge more, take on more clients, and improve your services.

On such websites as Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork, you can find entry-level freelance digital marketers who charge from $20 hourly.

Can I start digital marketing with no money?

Starting a digital marketing freelance business from scratch does not necessarily require much money. A good example is the startups that have no money but have to do marketing. They focus on low-budget smart marketing, the so-called alternative methods of growth, which require some time.

The job as mentioned earlier, portals like Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork are cheap freelancing platforms created to apply for digital marketing jobs. You may find several digital marketing tasks there that you may use to develop your portfolio and find your first clients. Always begin with simple, short tasks before moving on to more complex ones.

How do I sell myself as a digital marketer?

Since you are a marketer, you must do your best to present your business, which is your ultimate task number one. Here are three ways to build a profitable freelance digital marketing career:

1) Create a Portfolio

If you aim to start a successful freelance digital marketing business, think of a place to showcase your portfolio. You could create a personal brand and a website to demonstrate your ability to deliver results, experience, and achievements.

Social proofing is essential for your brand and trust building, so create a good social media presence and a visible brand image. Remember to include your well-developed social media account on Facebook and LinkedIn, and write about your services, previous works, and unique, valuable content.

2) Take a Course or Get a Certificate

Consider taking an online digital marketing course or even a professional certificate. You will get a chance to experience the latest digital marketing tools, expand your expertise and sharpen your skills.

3) Network Online and In-Person

Several digital marketing tasks require teamwork, for example, collaborations with designers, copywriters, and digital marketing consultants. Take time to connect with digital marketing experts and potential clients on social media platforms and via email, attend digital marketing conferences, and be open to making new connections. Do not hesitate to exchange cards and be responsive to market yourself.


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