How To Monetize A Blog In 2023: Check Out Our Proven Tricks

How To Monetize A Blog In 2023: Check Out Our Proven Tricks

Key Points:

  • For a self-employed blogger, one of the best ways to make money online is through blog monetization.
  • This article offers helpful tricks on how to monetize a blog, as well as blog monetization requirements.
  • Before starting a blog for further monetization, there are a lot of details I wish I had known before. In this article, I will discuss them.

Blogging offers the chance to generate passive income in addition to providing extra motivation to develop, write about your life or share professional information.

The income raised by the posted content is known as monetization.

You may sell things without having a store of your own if you know how to monetize a blog. Commercial success will come from various mediums, including audio, video, photos, and text.

A blog can be created quickly. However, you need to follow a development strategy if you want to know how to monetize it. Here I will talk about everything you need to start blogging and learn how to monetize it.

Monetize A Blog
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We will examine all of the primary techniques to monetize a blog. They should be combined for complete success.

But in this scenario, try to avoid each time to avoid shocking users with too many advertisements and preventing a decline in the quality of the material, which would then lead to a decrease in user traffic.

You can monetize a blog within a couple of days after its launch due to the variety of options to make money with it.

Beginners and experienced bloggers from around the world employ the strategies described below.

Starting a blog from scratch and monetizing it will require a good preparation. To turn this into a business, you need the following:

  • Consider different monetization opportunities;
  • Find an audience;
  • Choose a platform and domain, and create a blog from scratch;
  • Plan a publishing strategy.

It is time to move on to monetization as soon as you have selected a niche your readers are interested in, worked out the design of your blog, filled it with engaging content, and developed an involved and devoted audience around your brand.

The Internet offers numerous opportunities to develop oneself and display one’s abilities, and it is stunning in its diversity.

Besides, there are many monetization platforms available. As they all offer different terms and conditions, here are the best tricks on how to monetize a blog in 2023.

1) Contextual Advertising

Install a special code on your website so that visitors see adverts that are relevant to their interests and you can make money from ad clicks. You select the ad types (banner, video, pop-up) and the areas of the website to display them.

To connect contextual advertising to your blog, you need to register and pass moderation in the advertising network, so make sure to fulfill all the blog monetization requirements.

The most popular service is Google AdSense, but you can also try Monumetric, Taboola, Adshares, Purple Ads, Mediavine, or MGID.

For example, how to monetize a blog with AdSense? You can estimate how much money a blog will make starting from zero with the AdSense calculator. The key factor affecting income is the type of content, as well as the quantity and geographic position of the visitors.

So, join an ad network, request a site evaluation, and wait for a response to get started. Install the code with advertising on the site after the application is approved. The process can be carried out manually or with a plugin.

Getting as much money as you can from contextual advertising is your aim, but keep in mind that too much advertising scares away visitors and affects the site’s behavioral aspects.

If your revenue is poor, experiment with switching up your ad format or its location on your website. The header, the sidebar, the beginning of the post, and the footer are the greatest areas to show adverts.

2) Sale Of Information Products

If you create a blog to share your experience and expertise in your niche, you may attract readers and subscribers who will become your customers.

You may design training programs and seminars for your subscribers, instructing them in a particular skill, such as showing them how to build up an SEO campaign or how to create a business strategy.

It might be a single online course, a collection of courses, or an interactive handbook.

To monetize a blog and make money online, you can sell various information products:

  • online courses;
  • e-books;
  • video;
  • management;
  • text scripts;
  • direct mailing.

Courses and master classes are currently among the most lucrative methods to monetize a blog because of the increasing popularity of online education.

What is the highest-earning blog? Knowledge is in demand in the following areas: foreign languages, programming, business education, investment, marketing, design, beauty, and sports.

Post training-related content to your blog, ideally on distinct pages with a distinctive layout.

Keep in mind that you need to take care of marketing your product; it is crucial to write and post about it on social media.

Advertise your courses in your blog and request your students to write positive online reviews about you.

3) Referral links

This is a great passive income strategy because users’ clicks on the links will constantly bring in money, but the blogger has to have a substantial, engaged audience.

For instance, you may get up to 10% of the sales of suggested goods if you monetize a blog through the Amazon affiliate link program.

In this scenario, the blogger adds hyperlinks to the goods and services of other businesses on his site in exchange for a cut of the sales revenue.

Some sites offer conditions that allow you to make money even if a blog reader just clicks the link without purchasing anything.

It is crucial to share with subscribers only top-notch items that are consistent with the blog’s topic and key concepts to avoid losing the readers.

4) Advertising And Sponsorship

Sponsored posts are not only publications for money from other bloggers. You can also monetize a blog if you negotiate with the brand for a series of advertising posts. Their products can be described in several posts, for which the brand will pay you money.

Due to the ongoing search for new advertising channels, this strategy consistently produces results.

The biggest benefit of this approach is that you may switch sponsors while still using the same banner template.

This is even more profitable than affiliate links, but the ads must match the specifics of the blog. Another way to partner with advertisers is to post “sponsored” blog posts, where affiliates pay an author to review their product.

The key challenge in this situation is that the advertisements need to blend effectively with non-advertising material and adhere to the unique blog’s ideology.

Readers will probably quit the project if it violates the principles of a certain platform or is excessively intrusive.

5) Subscriptions And Premium Content

One of the most attractive ways to monetize a blog is through subscriptions. The blogger gains a devoted reader who has paid to view his site.

With subscriptions, you can focus entirely on creating content without having to worry about marketing.

Access to a blog or certain entries, such as collections, can be obtained through subscriptions. Email newsletters look good in this format.

This way, you own and operate a blog that generates income by offering closed letters with appealing selections.

Gradually, premium paid content may coexist with freely available information on your website. For instance, designers might provide readers with color palettes, and fitness bloggers can provide individualized diet plans.

Подписки можно настроить через сервис Patreon. В нем удобно вести закрытую часть блога и получать оплату от подписчиков.

6) Donations

This strategy to monetize a blog is similar to the one before, and it works with many other platforms. For example, WordPress offers a Give plugin that was created specifically for this.

Let us assume that you have a personal blog and that you do not intend to sell anything or run advertisements, but you do need revenue and appreciation from your followers. Then, soliciting donations is the simplest and clearest technique to generate income from a brand-new site.

Motivating readers to send money is the key element. Producing high-quality content is necessary for doing this, as is providing readers with gifts that are worthwhile, fascinating, and unique.

Naturally, it is challenging to predict how much money you can make from a blog using this strategy.

But using monetization strategies correctly and combining them is essential. Understanding the blog readership and how the blog will benefit them is important.

Main questions to consider before you decide how to monetize a blog:

1. Is it realistic to make money blogging?

Making money via blogging is real. But keep in mind that this is not a get-rich-quick plan.

How much you can earn from a blog depends on your skills, consistency, and approaches to making money.

Sooner or later, every blogger will ask himself, “How can I monetize my blog?” It is good if this question is asked before creating a blog. More often, the desire to monetize a blog is born in the process.

The quality of the traffic directly affects blog income. It is important to have in mind that there are informational and commercial search terms. Nevertheless, you need consistent traffic to your site to make a steady income from it.

Blogging is also a job. If you want to make decent money with your blog, you will have to figure out how to write selling articles and how to collect traffic on them.

2. What type of blogs can make the most money?

Avoid blogging about topics you have no interest in. You should decline the idea even if the subject is pricey and popular (finance, medicine, beauty, etc.), and you are confident that you can immediately attract an audience.

Apart from the increased competition, there will not be enough financial incentive to work on a subject that you do not find interesting. Its quality will start to decrease in a few weeks, and the audience will begin leaving.

As a result, when writing a blog, you should select a niche that is close to you.

Creating a website for a blog does not have to cost a lot of money. With a simple builder like WordPress, it can be done for free.

3. Do small blogs make money?

Get ready to compete for readers’ attention with well-known bloggers who take the lion’s share of the market earnings if you have an interest in money and business.

It is practically worthless to start a huge blog covering every aspect of finance. You will not be able to lead it alone, therefore you will need startup money to create a team.

It is easier to start in a specific niche; for instance, discuss solely cashback or government bond investments.

In contrast to investment blogs, you will not attract very many readers. However, you will have devoted and engaged subscribers.

Since the reach of the target audience is greater in these smaller projects, many businesses pay attention to them. A niche topic can also be monetized if you remember to monitor the quality of the blog.

4. How to monetize a blog from day one?

Making money on blogs is real from day one if you sell your products and services. Everything else will take some time.

If your choice of actions is correct, the first results and the first income can be obtained in 2-3 months, upon reaching an audience of several thousand people.

Offer consulting and coaching services from day one to make money blogging in exchange for your time.

Since traffic levels are low at the very beginning of blogging, it makes sense to turn visitors into customers with a higher value proposition.

To monetize a blog, add affiliate links, digital products, and advertisements to your site after you start receiving a consistent consulting income and your visitor levels rise.

You should start thinking like a business leader and create a strategy for growing posts on external sites, services, and blogs if you want to monetize your blog as soon as possible.

5. Can you make $10k a month blogging?

In blogging, a writer’s income is only limited by their skills and the demand for their products. Big bloggers can make more than $10,000 each month.

However, there are not very many of them, and most frequently, blogs make an average profit of around $300. This level may be reached six months after the launch.

In the first months, you should not think much about monetization – it is better to invest in the blog itself:

  • schedule publications;
  • come up with formats and headings;
  • create contests;
  • build up an audience.

Free techniques like mutual PR are ideal for this. If you invest in advertising and paid articles or videos from bloggers, your money will be recovered in around a year and a half.

6. What is the 80/20 rule in blogging?

The 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, is an aphorism that states that 80% of the results (output) are due to 20% of the total effort (or cost) of any given event.

In business, the purpose of the 80/20 rule is to identify resources that are potentially the most productive and prioritize them.

Recognizing that not every hour of labor is equally valuable and that remaining busy does not always result in increased money is the key to success.

By concentrating on the 20% of things that have the most impact, bloggers may make more time for other tasks and generate more income.


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