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5 Steps For Financial Independence – How To Feel It?

Most people think of freedom when they hear the word “independence.” So what is financial independence?

Actually, it is something that makes it easier to manage your time so that you will not have to pick between spending time with your family and working.

How can you feel financial independence? You can use this article to consider some crucial information.

1. Income is not wealth

The majority of people think that earning a good wage is the key to becoming wealthy.

Of course, having a large monthly income makes it simpler to make investments, but the actual key to building up your wealth is to develop the practice of saving more money than you spend.

You now realize that your income does not equal wealth since it is the fundamental truth about money. What is wealth then?

It is a portion of your own money that produces dividends and income on its own. You should always invest in something since wealth adores your care and attention.

When you reach a certain level of wealth, you can live comfortably even without getting any money. In other words, how long could you survive without a paycheck and continue to buy food, clothes, electronics, and other necessities?

A typical citizen cannot go without a salary for very long, and the more money he makes, the more he starts to question why he still cannot feel financial independence.

2. You must have some free money for investing

The practice of saving money is the foundation for financial independence and success. Use the opportunity to save while it comes, since those who have savings earn a lot of money from them.

Gaining wealth and financial independence takes time and is a lengthy process. Every day, you should take a few easy steps that will produce benefits, like cutting your spending or earning more money.

Once you start to make money, you can increase your investment with each subsequent input.

When your percentage, dividends, and capital gains generate their own income and so on, this process is known as compounding.

The greatest strategy to get free money is to simultaneously raise your income and decrease your costs.

3. Real wealth is your time control

If you have complete control over your day’s activities, you are truly wealthy. Some individuals struggle to grasp it.

No matter how much money you earn, it will not matter if you spend your day doing something you detest or are unhappy with.

If you find a career that you truly enjoy, you will work more and, as a result, be more successful than your rivals because of your drive.

4. Your school marks have nothing in common with financial independence

Of course, nobody disputes the significance of education. It’s interesting to note that over 90% of American millionaires are bachelor’s degree holders.

So why do parents and educators constantly tell kids that if they merely receive passing grades in school, they will never succeed?

Statistically, because these people themselves cannot be financially successful. So, they really do not know how to get and feel financial independence.

They just hold fast to the idea that successful people are those who do well in school.

They do not foster creative intelligence, which is responsible for breakthroughs, societal advancements, or the capacity to make choices in a specialized market, but simply analytical intelligence.

Moreover, they are unaware that actual millionaires typically live in modest neighbourhoods, eat at KFC or McDonald’s, and only wear jeans and T-shirts instead of a tuxedo and tie. Most of them are self-employed.

5. Financial independence needs a complementary spouse

No matter how prosperous you are, it won’t matter if your wife is not humble, obedient, and event-oriented like you. If not, your efforts will be in vain.

Be very careful when selecting a life partner since the emotional, social, and financial climate she will introduce can thwart any advancement in your work, salary, or savings.

She will spend your money on status and prestige, which will make achieving financial independence nearly hard as you strive to construct a life.

To create a true life, you need to have the support that enables you to take risks with the knowledge that, no matter what, your devoted wife is waiting for you at home.

That could come as a surprise, but your success will mostly depend on your spouse’s personality and temperament.

How, therefore, can you focus on your profession and on living the life of your dreams without a solid support system?


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